Platform Collaborations

CTSNet: We are excited to announce that Heartwork Videos is now collaborating with, the robust and esteemed digital cardiothoracic surgery resource! Through this collaboration, Heartwork will produce high-quality surgical videos for CTSNet's global cardiothoracic community.


The Heartwork mission is to provide the much-needed service of video editing for surgeons who are educators. Our product provides opportunities for both trainees and experts to objectively analyze concise and comprehensive surgical videos, in order to educate themselves and improve their skill and technique.


CSurgeries: Heartwork Videos is now the video production resource of choice for authors who are looking for help to edit their raw footage.  

CSurgeries is a physician owned and operated company that publishes high-quality surgical content that is open to students, residents, surgeons, and patients regarding both common and complex surgical procedures.

We are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with CTSNet and CSurgeries and look forward to producing educational videos that work. To begin your next project, email or place an order HERE!