Salute to Excellence in Health Care, Simon-Lee honored

Friday, April 28th, 2017, I received the "Salute to Excellence in Health Care" award from The St. Louis American Foundation. I was surrounded by colleagues, mentors, friends and family- all the wonderful individuals who have supported me in my career. I am so grateful to my friend and colleague who nominated me, all those who wrote letters on my behalf, and to The St. Louis American Foundation for a wonderfully inspiring celebration.

-Rachel Simon-Lee

"Rachel Simon-Lee is a media production specialist for St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where she records and edits video of heart surgeries at its Heart Center, as well as for the families of young heart patients. The videos inform, educate and reinforce surgical techniques for physicians and medical students. After becoming a subject matter expert on heart surgery videos, Simon-Lee created her own video production business, Heartwork Videos, to record and edit surgeries for other heart surgeons. She previously worked at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and BJC Media Services and she serves on the BJH Diversity Council."

-Sandra Jordan

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Rachel Simon-Lee