Heartwork Videos is equal parts passion, subject matter expertise and "right place/right time." In 2011, Rachel Lee interviewed for a newly created position at BJC HealthCare. This job would transition her from internship to career. When she mentioned to friends and family what she'd be doing for the new pediatric cardiothoracic (CT) surgeon at St. Louis Children's Hospital, Dr. Pirooz Eghtesday, there were a few people that said, "You know, you could turn that into a business."

It took Rachel 2 years to learn how to find the most important aspects of surgical cases and edit comprehensive videos. And, in 2013, she was hired to edit cases for an iBook that teaches students the essentials of CT surgery. 

2015 was year 5 in Lee's 5-year-plan. Now, she had to determine what she really wanted to do next and she knew it was time to create something. The first two steps were: validate the business model and start looking for mentors. Next, she fully immersed herself into the STL startup community and Heartwork Videos had officially launched! Since the launch, Lee has been acknowledged by her healthcare colleagues and Heartwork has won local startup competitions

Heartwork's producers now work with individual surgeons, the digital resource CTSNet.org and the platform CSurgeries.com on creating high-quality surgical videos. 

Founder & lead editor, Rachel Lee editing adult cardiac case

Founder & lead editor, Rachel Lee editing adult cardiac case